St. Paul Lutheran

Faith in Action

Choir & Band

Our congregation has many musically gifted/motivated people, and we are always looking for more talent that is hiding in the congregation! There are 3 groups that are part of the congregation’s musical ministry:

St. Paul Adult Choir sings during several services each year, as well as for special events like the Christmas and Easter Concerts. The Choir sings traditional and contemporary music that is solid in doctrine to enhance the spiritual blessings upon the hearers. 

The Youth Choir sings during Sunday School, both to rehearse and to bless the Sunday School’s closing.  We show what we have learned and sing for the congregation and during the Christmas and Easter Concerts, as well as occasional worship services.

St. Paul Band is the newest part of our music ministry. The Band consists of musicians of all ages from 4th grade to senior citizens, playing a variety of wind, string, and percussion instruments. It is a wonderful melting pot that we are encouraged to see grow.

The congregation really loves it when our musicians perform, and it brings a great dynamic to the services when the musicians play.